Why You Need a Deodorizing Foot Spray?

Why You Need a Deodorizing Foot Spray?

Most people think they don’t need a foot spray and some might have never heard of it their enter life but here’s a little fun fact. The feet have over 250,000 sweat glands and these glands can produce at least a pint of sweat daily.

The human feet have been found to be a host of a lot of bacterias. These bacterias love water and sodium mixture and survive on dead skin cells as well as sweats. They are also partly responsible for the smell that makes your feet stink.

Sweat can be triggered by many factors such as the type of footwear or socks worn or have and the general health condition of our feet such as fungal infections.

Most cases of smelly feet can easily be improved with a simple cleaning routine and a foot spray which does not require consulting any professionals. However, certain conditions are best to be looked at by a dermatologist to be properly diagnosed and treated.

Hyperhidrosis, for example, is is a condition that makes the feet sweat excessively and thus, causes a lot of unpleasant foot odors. A foot spray will certainly help but if you notice profuse sweating and continuous foul odors, make sure to have that checked out by a Doctor.

Fungal infections have also been a very common affliction for the feet. It leads to the production of flaky skin cells which the bacteria in your feet love to munch on. These can make it very hard and uncomfortable for us as well as making us self aware of our feet in public places.

Footwear is made of synthetic materials which make it very difficult for our feet to receive any air, therefore resulting in the evaporation of sweat to be able to regulate temperature.

This is why choosing footwear of cotton and Other natural fabrics is usually advisable. Having proper hygiene as well as the use of foot sprays and shoe deodorants are highly recommended. Drying your feet once you have had your bath, wear-free shoes that let your feet breathe as well as cotton and natural socks help quite a great deal. You can also visit the pharmacy to get over-the-counter treatments for your feet such as antifungal and antibacterial creams.

The use of foot sprays and shoe deodorant or shoe odor spray shouldn’t be undermined as they go a long way in helping the condition of your feet.

How do foot sprays and shoe deodorizers work?

Due to the number of bacteria and fungi on our feet, using a foot spray or shoe odor spray not only helps in combating the funky smell they are know to create but helps prevent complications such as athlete’s foot.

Athlete’s foot, which is also known as tinea pedis, is a fungal infection that affects the skin around the feet and can be quite contagious. In some cases, it spreads to the toenails as well as the hands. The reason for its name is due to the fact it is commonly found amongst athletes. This condition usually starts just between the toes at first before spreading, which it does easily. It is also self-treatable and diagnosable.

With the appropriate treatment, a lab test isn’t required at all. There are quite a lot of over the counter drugs which work just fine, and it can be gone within weeks.

Regularly using a foot spray helps with both the smell of your feet as well as the prevention of infections. Foot sprays, foot deodorant spray, and shoe deodorizers are made with various odor eliminating ingredients. Fight Fresh Foot Spray are made with natural ingredients and essential oils that help prevent and control bad odors, bacterias, and fungi.

Having a minty fresh foot spray handy is always a quick and easy way to cover up nasty foot odors that can catch you off guard after a long walk or a big day at work. If you need a moment to relax before jumping in the shower, don’t stink up the joint and Fight Fresh your smelly feet in seconds.