Shoe Deodorizer Spray – 4 oz


Fight nasty smells and bacteria with this natural yet powerful odor eliminator Shoe Deodorising  Spray.

Key Benefits

  • Eliminates odors from smelly shoes and footwear: skates, boots and respective footwear.
  • Naturally disinfects and helps eliminate unwanted odors from all footwear that get hot, sweat and smelly.
  • 100% natural ingredients that not only eliminate unwanted odors but leave a refreshing minty fresh scent.
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You can be leisurely walking, jogging at work or playing sports, no matter your levels of physical activity, your feet create some heat and perspiration that can cause unwanted smells and bacteria. This is totally normal which is why we created an amazing shoe deodorizer that easily keeps unwanted odors away and prolongs the life of your shoes at footwear.


The best part of this natural odor eliminating spray is that is multifunctional and can be used for ANY footwear which includes: Skates, Work Boots, Running, Cycling or Climbing Shoes…anything you can put your feet into can use a few refreshing sprays that will prevent or eliminate nasty smells and bacterias at the source. It smells so nice that you will always find something that could use a few blasts of minty freshness.

Powerful Odor Eliminator 

The best part of this natural odor eliminating spray is that it can really provide multiple uses for ANY type of footwear including Skates, Work Boots, Running, Cycling or Climbing Shoes etcetera… Anything you can put your feet into can be Fight Freshed!

100% Natural Ingredients

Fight Fresh products are specifically developed with 100% natural ingredients that are safe for the environment, your shoes and your footwear. Our key active ingredients are essential oils with antimicrobial properties that smell fantastic.

Refreshing Peppermint Shoe Spray Odor

Only a few sprays will go a long way of this potent elixir that smells of refreshing peppermint essential oils. It can be used before and after your chosen activity as it is meant to be used regularly and generously. With almost 800 sprays a bottle you won’t believe how many uses you will get out of this 4oz. Enjoy it!



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