Odor Neutralizer Sports Spray – Lavender Fresh (Travel Size 30ml)


Fight unwanted smells and bacterias with this Lavender Fresh Deodorising Sports Spray

Key Benefits

  • Helps eliminate bad odors from sports equipment that may smell funky.
  • Naturally disinfects and cleans any sports equipment or gear.
  • Fights odor-causing bacteria before they settle into your sports equipment causing it to stink!
  • 100% natural plant ingredients
  • Non-toxic formulas that are safe for your skin and respective sports equipment.
  • Convenient travel size to bring with you everywhere (Gym Bags, Cars, etc…)
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Odor Neutralizer Spray

This Odor Neutralizer spray is loaded with essential oils that naturally eliminates unwanted odors. It neutralizes odors from yoga mats, gym bags, and any sports equipment. Sweat is a big part of sports and training this deodorizing spray is a simple and effective way to prevent and neutralize bad odors and related bacteria from forming.

Your sports equipment is the first point of contact with your skin, it absorbs most of that hard-earned sweat! Use Lavender Fresh odor neutralizer spray before and after your training session as it helps eliminate bad odors and bacteria as you let your sports equipment dry out before its next use.

Leaving your hockey bag or gym bag zipped up when it is full of sweaty sports equipment is how bacteria and bad odors develop which can cause you and your skin some unwanted issues. Spray all of your gear immediately after exercising to give it a fighting chance until you get to air it out and ideally wash it (which we know is almost never). This Odor Eliminator spray is an easy and effective way to naturally keep germs and nasty smells away from athletes and their equipment. It contains great smelling non-toxic ingredients that are safe for your skin and the environment as it contains no alcohol or chemicals!

100% Natural Odor Neutralizing


This natural deodorizing spray is specifically formulated for all sports equipment and its main natural ingredient is Lavender Oil and it also contains eucalyptus and tea tree oils for added fighting power. These natural essential oils have antimicrobial properties and are known for their soothing sensation, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and deodorizing properties. You will likely use it to eliminate odors around the house and in the car as it is is easy to use and multipurpose.

Lavender oil has several beneficial properties aside from smelling great, so use generously as desired.

This slim and sleek 8 oz bottle will easily fit into your sports bag and will last you a long time even for the most active athletes, over 1600 sprays per 8oz bottle to be more specific. Enjoy it and train hard!



DIRECTIONS: Shake well before every use. Spray on all surfaces of sports gear and equipment that soaked up your generous sweat…for optimal results apply right after sporting activity and allow to dry before next use if possible. If not possible, keep up the hard work!

WARNING: Avoid contact with eyes. For external use only. 


Aqua, Ravensara Aromatica leaf extract, Lavandula Angustifolia (Lavender) oil, Vanilla Planifolia (vanilla) oil, Thymus Zygisl (thyme) oil

Non tested on animals. Plant-based deodorizing formulas. Natural and non-toxic.


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