Deodorizing Sports Spray Minty Fresh (Travel Size 30ml)


Fight unwanted smells and bacterias with this Minty Fresh Deodorising Sports Spray

Key Benefits

  • Eliminates bad odors from sports equipment
  • Naturally disinfects and cleans all sports equipment
  • Fights odor-causing bacteria before they settle into your sports equipment causing it to stink!
  • Convenient travel size to bring with you everywhere 
  • 100% natural plant ingredients 
  • Non-toxic formulas that are safe for your skin and respective sports equipment.





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This Odor Eliminator spray naturally and easily eliminates unwanted odors and bacterias associated with your any of your sports equipment. Don’t wait for your sports gear to smell horrible before taking care of it! Always spray down your sports equipment BEFORE cramming it into your gym, sports or hockey bag. Give your sports gear a fighting chance against bad odors and bacterias.

Neutralize Bad Odors

Neutralize nasty odors from hockey equipment, MMA gear, and ANY sports equipment. Sweaty sports gear is inevitable as most sports require protective equipment which is usually carried in large sports and gym bags. Your sports bags are regularly filled with sweaty and stinky equipment that are the ideal breeding grounds for odor causing bacterias. Neutralize unwanted odors and replace them with a refreshing  Minty Fresh smell thanks to our deodorizing and powerful freshness fighting formulas!

Neutralize. Fight & Destroy. Delightfully Deodorize



Since your sports equipment is the first point of contact with your skin, it absorbs all of the sweat and toxins during the game! Spray any Fight Fresh deodorizing spray directly on your gear right after your training session. Eliminate bad odors and bacterias before they have a chance to settle in and really stink things up!

After thoroughly spraying down all of your sports equipment individually, let it dry out. Fresh air is always recommended so when you take your sports gear out of its bag, fresh air helps sports equipment to breathe and dry out. This gives it a fighting chance at freshness! sports-equipment-boxing-gloves-yoga-mat-fightfresh-deodorizing-spray

Leaving your hockey bag or gym bag zipped up when it is full of sweaty sports equipment is how bacteria and bad odor develops. These bacterias can cause unwanted skin conditions by simply making contact with the skin.

Make a habit of spraying down all of your gear immediately after exercising to give it a fighting chance of staying fresh. It will last longer and smell much better the next time you use and put on your sports equipment. Make sure to air our your gear so the deodorizing sprays can do their thing. Allow your gear to dry in between uses for maximum effect. 


This natural deodorizing spray is specifically formulated for all sports equipment Peppermint Essential oils as its main active ingredient. This deodorizing sports spray also contains eucalyptus and tea tree oils for added antimicrobial fighting powers.

The chosen essential oils have powerful cleansing properties and smell fantastic!  Our formulas provide anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and deodorizing properties that fight bad odors and are safe and gentle on your skin and sports gear.

This is such an awesome natural deodorizing spray that you will find yourself using it to eliminate odors all around the house, car and bathroom! Why not?Work-Hard-Play-Dirty-Fightfresh



Additional information


8 ounces


Shake well before every use. Spray on all surfaces of sports gear and equipment that soaked up your generous sweat…for optimal results apply before and after sporting activity and allow to dry before next use if possible. If not possible, keep up the hard work!

WARNING: Avoid contact with eyes. For external use only. Not recommended for children.


Aqua,  Mentha Piperita (Peppermint) leaf water, Mentha Arvensis (mint) leaf oil, Eucalyptus Globulus (Eucalyptus) leaf oil, Melaleuca Alternifolia (tea tree) leaf oil

Non tested on animals. Plant-based ingredients. Natural and nontoxic.

Made in Canada


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