Foot Spray – Natural Foot Deodorizer – 4 oz spray


Powerful Foot Spray that fights nasty smells, unwanted odors and bacterias that form regularly. Don’t be embarrassed to take off your shoes or your socks because of unwanted odors. Made with 100% natural ingredients,  this odor eliminating foot spray works instantly on your feet or socks with only a couple of sprays.

Key Benefits: 

  • Fight smelly foot odors in seconds with this easy to use spray.
  • Naturally disinfects and helps eliminate unwanted odors from your feet and socks
  • 100%  natural ingredients are safe, never tested on animals and smell great
  • Refreshing and cooling minty fresh scent
  • Proudly made in Canada


Foot Spray – 100% Natural

Having smelly feet is a very common problem that can easily be resolved with this powerful MINTY FRESH Foot Spray that combines several soothing and antimicrobial ingredients to win the fight for great smelling feet!  

Natural Foot Deodorizing Spray 

This natural foot deodorizer utilizes some of the best essential oils on the planet to fight unwanted odors and bacterias that can form on a daily basis. A few sprays on your feet (with or without socks) will quickly provide the olfactic relief that you and those around you will appreciate. 

Powerful Odor Eliminator

Most common foot sprays and odor eliminators are loaded with harsh chemicals and ingredients that are not safe for your skin or the environment. They cover up the smell instead of fighting the source at a molecular level and leave a nauseating smell. 

Fight Fresh products, on the other hand, packs a stacked line up of all-natural ingredients and high-grade essential oils that fight stinky enzymes at their source and leave a pleasant and soothing aroma. 

This fan favourite foot spray is enriched with peppermint essential oil which soothes and freshens your feet as it delivers a satisfying and mildly tingling sensation. Use this Minty Fresh Foot Spray regularly, even when your feet are not smelly as you discover the therapeutic benefits of peppermint essential oil and get accustomed to its delightfully refreshing aromas.

This foot spray comes in a compact 4oz spray bottle but don’t be fooled by its small appearance as it packs a powerful disinfectant punch! 

You must have heard the saying that great things come in small packages right? Well, this is a prime example of this potent foot spray packs a double dose of potency in half the size of its larger cousins that come in the larger 8oz Deodorizing Sprays designed for all sporting equipment. 

Mint Foot Spray

You will only need a few sprays to realize the benefits of this powerful odor eliminating mint foot spray and how quickly and effectively it truly helps to prevent, contain and eliminate any foot odor related issues. We love the smell and benefits of Peppermint Essential Oils which is why it is one of the main active ingredients in our Fight Fresh Natural products. 

Great smelling natural yet powerful ingredients for the WIN! You will find yourself using this minty fresh spray on everything!


Mint Foot Spray-FightFresh-Shoe Deodorizer



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