Foot Deodorizing Spray – 4 oz (Copy)


Fight nasty smells and bacteria with this natural yet powerful Foot and Shoe Deodorising  Spray.

Key Benefits

  • Fight smelly feet and bad odors from skates, boots and respective footwear.
  • Naturally disinfects and helps eliminate unwanted odors from feet and footwear.
  • 100% all natural ingredients!


Naturally cleans & eliminates bad odors from feet, shoes, and footwear.

Great for ALL athletes that sweat & work hard, including: Hockey,Boxing, Basketball, Soccer, Baseball, Running, Rugby, MMA, Snowboarding, Golf, Curling, Yoga, Construction etc…


Shake well before every use. Spray on feet and footwear equipment that soaked up your generous sweat… for optimal results apply right after sporting activity and allow to dry before next use if possible.

If not possible, keep up the hard work!


Avoid contact with eyes. For External use only

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