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Sports Gear & Equipment gets Sports-Equipment-Sports-GearSmelly

Sports are a great way to exercise, have fun and make friends. Most aspects of sports are positive and great, but we should not ignore the nasty side of sports! Let’s face it, most physical activities and sports require specific gear and protective equipment that gets pretty smelly unless you actively take care of it.

Smells, Blood & Tears

Expect for your sports gear to get wet, sweaty and smelly after a hard training session or a big game. Make a habit of deodorizing your sports gear regularly, airing it out and cleaning it BEFORE nasty toxins and bacterias settle deep into your sports equipment. Toxins and bacterias are what cause nasty smells and odors and thrive in wet, moist environments!

Sports Gear Deodorizing Sprays Deodorizing Gear Sprays-Fight Fresh-Odor-eliminator-natural sprays-minty fresh-citrus gresh-lavender fresh

Deodorizing your sports gear is as important as the protective sports equipment itself! We know that cleaning and washing your gear after playing sports is usually forgotten so we have created natural sports gear deodorizing sprays to make this annoying process quick and easy!

Simply make a habit of spraying down your sports gear either before or after every use. Deodorizing and cleaning your sports gear has never been easier. Our natural antibacterial ingredients not only smell great but fight unwanted smells and bacterias at a molecular level! Simply spray any piece of equipment that comes into contact with your skin and sweat.

Fight Smells and Bacterias Regularly.

Boxing Gloves-Headgear-Focus Mitts-Boxing-GymWashing your sports equipment thoroughly regularly is highly recommended but we know from experience that this, unfortunately, is not the case for most busy athletes. Carrying a bottle of deodorizing gear spray is practical and easy and you will quickly realize the difference in how your sports bags and equipment smells. The essential oils leave refreshing aromas you and those around you will quickly appreciate! You will notice how your sports equipment and bags smell much better. Get rid of any uncertainties and fears associated with opening your gym and hockey bags. Spray Regularly. Enjoy. Repeat

3 Fresh Scents To Choose From Below: Minty Fresh, Citrus Fresh and Lavender Fresh 

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