Our story

Having played sports most of his life, Fight Fresh founder and sports enthusiast David Perron, knows that nasty smelling sports equipment will never prevent athletes from playing in the sports they love which can have a negative impact on your gear and most importantly your health. Most physical activities and sports require specific equipment or protective gear that can deteriorate over time and accumulate unwanted odors and bacteria if they are not properly maintained.

Fight Fresh was specifically developed to provide athletes with simple and effective solutions to keep their sports equipment clean and fresh from unwanted odors and bacterias. These unwanted odors and bacterias can cause rashes and skin conditions that can slow down a healthy lifestyle and any busy sports regime. Natural Odor Eliminating sprays are only part of the solution and many more cleansing products for athletes are on their way.

We developed our first series of natural deodorizing sprays over time with help from some aromatherapy experts to avoid using any harmful chemicals and sticking to what mother earth has to offer. Our products are 100% natural and made with essential oils that not only works great and smell amazing but most importantly are safe to use and breathe in on a daily basis. All of our formulas and sprays have been tried and tested on professional athletes and the support and feedback have been great.

We added a minty fresh odor eliminating foot spray to offer those with smelly shoes and workboots an option. This powerful foot and shoe spray packs double the potency and deodorizing power in half the size (4oz instead of 8oz). Is it a coincidence that this natural foot spray is usually purchased as a gift? We think not!

Staying Fresh and maintaining cleanliness plays an important role in living healthy and active lifestyles. We will continue expanding our Fight Fresh products for sports equipment and providing solutions to help people stay active, healthy and focused on the sports and activities they enjoy!